Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mono E Mono?

So, lately I have been enamored of one color palettes. I think the whole monochromatic look can be very chic and interesting. Using different textures and shades a look of all one color can be fun and interesting. These pictures are some inspirations I found on the runways, also the last is one I found on the Satorialist. Her ensemble is ridiculously beautiful and makes me want to immerse myself in everything bluuuue. ;) This is something I want to experiment with in my wardrobe: pictures to come. Also, I have so many diy's that i am in the middle of. I found a really neat backpack purse for a themed party (80s/90s party) and I want to stud it like crazy! I want it to be similar to the givenchy purse as she did here. 
Anyway, I'm slacking on outfit photos and my diy's. I just have felt overwhelmed with lots lately. ANNNND, I have to leave and go to work in about 15 minutes, GREAT...
Get outside and enjoy yourselves. Somebody needs to! 

Photos from tFs and the Satorialist.

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Emily said...

Lovely pictures!

Like the new look of your blog.