Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I found this photographer Elias Tahan, through many one-eye-opened passes from blog to blog. (It seems as though I am tired a lot lately--after this I'm heading down to get some coffee) The ever lovely knightcat posted some photos and I was so enthralled with their beauty that I had to find more. Here are some photos that are playing muse to me today. I need to get out and get a new red lipstick seeing as how I lost my favorite New Years night and ever since then have been using all the others I have that just aren't doing it for me. Check out Mr. Tahan's photos they are very organic and beautiful. Off to spend some time with my bff!
Have a great day! 


photos from Elias

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eliastahan said...

Thanks for the mention. My friend Troy blogs about beauty, you might find something cool there. We just did a post about red inspiration and make-up.