Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the wind cried mary

I need a ridiculously beautiful ensemble like my man Jimi here. I want a marching band jacket!!!! vintage scouring anyone?


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Emily said...

That's a good song. I feel like listening to Castles Made of Sand, though. I like that one.

Jimi was sooo before his time. He was a very trendy man.

Elra said...

Hello LBP, it's my first time here. I think we have the same passion "fashion"
Hmm, Jimmy look? that's a lot of detail, but wearable.

Miss Tiffany said...

I saw a shirt today with Jimi on it. I thought of you! Love you!

Maverick said...

Love that jacket! Great pic of him :)
Cute blog,

xoxo, mavi