Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mono E Mono?

So, lately I have been enamored of one color palettes. I think the whole monochromatic look can be very chic and interesting. Using different textures and shades a look of all one color can be fun and interesting. These pictures are some inspirations I found on the runways, also the last is one I found on the Satorialist. Her ensemble is ridiculously beautiful and makes me want to immerse myself in everything bluuuue. ;) This is something I want to experiment with in my wardrobe: pictures to come. Also, I have so many diy's that i am in the middle of. I found a really neat backpack purse for a themed party (80s/90s party) and I want to stud it like crazy! I want it to be similar to the givenchy purse as she did here. 
Anyway, I'm slacking on outfit photos and my diy's. I just have felt overwhelmed with lots lately. ANNNND, I have to leave and go to work in about 15 minutes, GREAT...
Get outside and enjoy yourselves. Somebody needs to! 

Photos from tFs and the Satorialist.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


So, I decided to post on another favorite model of mine: Magdalena Frackowiak. Basically, she needs no introduction she's fantastic! Her killer facial structure(those cheekbones!), her legs(they go on for dayyyysss), her eyes, and her natural beauty. She is the face of Ralph Lauren and Kenzo. She did an astounding 46 shows for fall I believe. Anyway, she is very striking. I love her look. I look forward to seeing much more from her. 

photos from tFs

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jessica Stam--my Muse.

Miss Stam has played muse for Steven Meisel, Marc Jacobs, Armani, Rochas, and many more I'm sure. She has always captured my attention in runway, print and video captures. She seems to be a very witty and funny girl and her personal style is killer!

Here is a quote that capture an insight into her life.

With modeling, you are judged on your looks. It’s easy to take that personally, but you have to realize that it’s only your appearance that’s being judged, not you as a whole. If you didn’t, you’d be destroyed.” Jessica Stam--The Sunday Times


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I cannot get enough of these spikes!!!!!!! I need some spike-y flavor in my shoe closet, no? You know you love them. Riccardo Tisci really knows how to inflict pain on my heart.

someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment 


photos from style and refinery29


I found this photographer Elias Tahan, through many one-eye-opened passes from blog to blog. (It seems as though I am tired a lot lately--after this I'm heading down to get some coffee) The ever lovely knightcat posted some photos and I was so enthralled with their beauty that I had to find more. Here are some photos that are playing muse to me today. I need to get out and get a new red lipstick seeing as how I lost my favorite New Years night and ever since then have been using all the others I have that just aren't doing it for me. Check out Mr. Tahan's photos they are very organic and beautiful. Off to spend some time with my bff!
Have a great day! 


photos from Elias Tahan.com

Monday, March 23, 2009

Catwalk Confidential

catwalk confidential
catwalk confidential - by lebrunettepistolet on Polyvore.com


Oh, Karl how i love thee. So tired from spring break. You know how relaxing and sleeping in too much makes it hard to get going again. So, here i am chugging coffee and getting ready to work on some projects for my classes. I found these photos lovely. I need to get some black lace and some leather pronto. Also, I tried on the most devilish shoes saturday. 
They need to be in my closet asap. ♥ XOXO, LBP

photos from tfs.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Olivier's "swan song" for Nina Ricci

I cannot believe they let him go. This collection is intricate, it is dark, romantic, sexy, the tailoring is FANTASTIC. I cannot say enough in this man's favor. His work is stunning. I cannot wait to see what's in store for Mr. Theyskens next!

photos from style.com