Sunday, April 4, 2010

Parisian line IRO.

Today I am checking my emails and I find one from shopbop on a french line called IRO.

and I was stunned, beautiful tailoring, fantastic fabrics, definitely one of my new favorites!

This line will definitely serve as inspiration for my spring shopping list. neutrals, tailoring, loose-fit, draping, and a little bit of shiny and embellishment in there too ; )

here is the email photo that propelled me to look further...

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and here are some photos I found via Refinery 29.
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besos. happy easter :))
Hope your consuming mass amounts of chocolate bunnies and coffee like me!!


photos via refinery29 and shopbop.


WildFlower said...

Wow these are really beautiful, love the metallics and soft drapey fabric.

MJ said...

i love it! its really siple and neat but still a little edgy.
thanks for the suggestion! i hadnt heard of this brand before :)

Emily said...

Oh yes. I had lots of chocolate bunnies.

I like the drapey fabrics too. All of these clothes look comfortable... like something I'd want to wear after eating too many chocolate bunnies.

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

Saw this on whowhatwear the other day and headed straight to shop, it's amazing!!! thanks for posting, did you get anything? Loving your blog, definitely be back, come follow TBAG if you fancy! friday feeling :) x

Kristiana V said...

omg, these are amazing :O i want everything!!

♫♥Oana Roxana♥♫ said...

I like every single look!This is a first... ;))