Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So, I'll be honest, lately or over the past month... I have felt completely un-inspired. I have had so much time to worry about all the things going on in my life right now, not so much time to put effort into anything else. I have lately felt tinges of guilt. I have always been so passionate about my personal style, fashion, art, photography..etc. I haven't even been cooking! (which I LOVE to do). Anyhow, I am writing to tell you, I am back. I began to get that "old feeling", hehe. So I will try to get back to basics and start focusing more on what makes me happy and pursure this blog.

Some new changes in my life,
I recently dyed my hair red... well my lovely friend Ashley did, but anyway, it's done. and I love it!

I have also cut it, but only trim, because I waaaant my hair to be long! LONG LONG.

I am newly infatuated with shield sunglasses, wedges of all kinds, denim shirts, oversized t shirts, bralettes,red hair, vegan desserts (they are such a fun challenge), maxi skirts, mini skirts, and foam magazine (i need a subscription now please)

So I leave you with some of my inspirations and my favorite, fellow five footers ; )


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